lego keyboardI’ve had for years now. The first version was a static website with a few portfolio items and a page with my resume. It served its purpose for awhile, but last year I was hell bent on reconstructing the site. Fast forward to 2017 and it’s finally going live.

What took me so long? I had a hard time deciding what this site should be. When I first created it made total sense to make it an extension of my resume, but it fell flat because everything on the site was already on my resume give or take a couple graphic design samples. And whenever I submit a resume, I create a new version that emphasizes the responsibilities and skills the position is looking for. So why put one version of my resume on the site when we all know you do way more than four or five bullet points at a nonprofit arts job?

After playing around with a billion themes, rewriting the copy way too many times, and completely overthinking this whole thing, I finally came up with what you see here – a simple website that aims to connect me with other marketing and public relations professionals. On this site, I plan to share information about events, articles and books related to arts administration, marketing, public relations, nonprofits, management and everything in between. I hope you’ll join me!

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