content and social mediaI recently spoke at an intern seminar where I talked about the marketing department and how I got started in arts administration. In addition, I gave some advice on networking and how it has helped me throughout my career. Even though I have a job, I still try to make networking a priority whether by staying in touch with other people in the industry or by attending professional development or networking events. Not only do I meet great people at these events, but I also come away with valuable information. Here are some content creation and social media tips from two recent events I attended. They’re kind of all over the place, but that’s often how these open discussions go.

  • Social Media Policy: If you don’t already have one, write a social media policy for your organization. You need to be able to clearly define what is and what is not acceptable behavior. This reduces the risks for both your company and for the employees who work there.
  • Defining Expectations: Be sure to talk to employees about what can or cannot be revealed to the public prior to attending a performance/visiting an exhibit. You want to provide enough information to encourage a ticket purchase, but not give so much away that you ruin the surprise.
  • Power of Subject Lines: Send the same e-mail multiple times, but with a different subject line. If you’re afraid of fatiguing your audience, just resend to people who didn’t open the first e-mail.
  • Video Content: When creating videos, don’t open with a title card. Get right into the content and right to the point.
  • Tell People About It: It’s great to create a Snapchat Geofilter or to Facebook Live an event, but be sure to tell people about it ahead of time. Good content will be discovered, but it doesn’t hurt to point people in the right direction.
  • Follow the 70/30 Rule: When it comes to creating social media content, 70% should be organic content that interests your audience. 30% should be your sales messaging. Just like with any relationship, it shouldn’t be all about you.

Know of any upcoming marketing/public relations or arts administration networking events? Have a content or social media tip to share? Let me know with a comment or a tweet.

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