We posted black squares on our social media accounts for #blackouttuesday, but what now? One thing that we can all do is educate ourselves, whether that’s reading books and articles or listening to videos and podcasts.

Since the murder of George Floyd, there has been a plethora of virtual events and panel discussions hosted by a variety of organizations. Below are links to a few from last week, as well as some of my key takeaways from the conversations. These notes are by no means an extensive summary of the events. However, I wanted to highlight points that were made across all of the conversations despite being organized independently.

Links to Watch

black lives matter in black lettering on white marquee

Key Takeaways

  • Take action: The Black community doesn’t need statements of solidarity. They need people to take action. Don’t make a statement unless you plan to back it up with tangible change.
  • Be transparent: Make it clear who the decision makers are in your organization, especially when it comes to hiring, recruiting, and allocating resources.
  • Do the work: It is not the job of Black colleagues to tell you how to address White supremacy in your organization. Do your own research before engaging Black colleagues in these conversations.
  • Commit to change: Ensure that equity, diversity, and inclusion are woven into your overall strategies. EDI is not a one-off initiative or a short-term goal that can be checked off the list.
  • Prioritize self-care: It can be overwhelming, frustrating, and plain exhausting for Black colleagues to engage in this work. Be forgiving, understanding, and generous, allowing them the space to take care and recharge.

Know about an event that addresses anti-Black racism? Please spread the word by commenting below or messaging me at @cecileoreste.

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